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Get 2x Points or Use Points for Uber rides

Card Members can get more out of the Membership Rewards ® program with Uber.


What is Uber?

Uber is the easy, affordable and convenient way to get around town. From your daily commute to weekend errands, there’s a driver waiting to take you wherever you need to go. Your Card is billed directly – no reservations, no cash needed. 

Already have an Uber Account? Log in, or:

Get the Uber app for iOS or Android
Add an eligible American Express ® Card enrolled in the Membership Rewards program
Tap ‘Enable’ to start earning 2x points or using points for rides

For more information about this program, view Program FAQs.

*Promo code must be applied to your Uber account prior to taking first Uber ride. Discount only applicable to fares paid for with an American Express Card and will only apply to new users who use their account to pay for their first Uber ride. If you have signed up for Uber but have never used your account to pay for a ride, you may apply the promo code to your account. Up to $30 will be discounted by Uber at the point of sale.  If the cost of the ride is less than $30, you will only receive a discount up to the amount of the ride.  You will not receive the difference between the cost of the ride and the $30 maximum discount amount. Fulfillment of this offer is the sole responsibility of Uber. The discounted fare will be displayed on your post-ride email receipt. Prepaid and Gift Cards not eligible. Not valid with any other Uber-issued offers. Limit one discount per person. This offer is valid on all vehicle options, excluding uberT. Offer expires on July 31, 2018. Available in U.S. only.

†Terms & Conditions For This Uber Program

Last Modified: March 2016

1. Program Features.

The Program has two different features:

    1) Get 2x Membership Rewards points for purchases made directly with Uber for Uber services in the U.S. and U.S. territories;
    2) Use Membership Rewards points for Uber services in the U.S and U.S. territories if enrolled and authorized (see below).
2. Enrollment of Eligible Card in the Program is Required.
First, in order to participate in this program to get 2X points or use points when using Uber services (the “Program”), you must enroll your eligible Card. An “eligible Card” is a valid, Membership Rewards-eligible (a) American Express Consumer Card, (b) Business Card from American Express OPEN, or (c) American Express Corporate Card, which Card must be issued in the U.S. by American Express and enrolled in the Membership Rewards program.

You can enroll your eligible Card either via Uber’s mobile application on your mobile device (“Uber App”), or when you set up a new account on Uber’s desktop web site ("Enrolled Card"). To enroll using the Uber App, you must have installed either the iOS or Android version of the Uber App available as of September 30, 2014 or later.

Next, go to the Uber App to ensure your Enrolled Card is the selected payment method for Uber services.
3. Only Authorized Card Members Allowed to Participate in Use Points.
Once enrolled in the Program, you will only see the option to “Use Points” if you are the primary account holder of the Enrolled Card or are an Additional Card Member who has been authorized by the primary Card Member to redeem points for Uber services as part of this Program. In addition, the Card Account must also be in good standing, not in default at the time of redemption, and have enough points to cover the full amount of the Uber services charged (including fare, tip, tax and tolls as applicable).

If you are an Additional Card Member who has not been authorized, you will not be able to use points for Uber services. However, you will still be able to earn 2X points when paying for Uber services.
4. Getting 2x Membership Rewards Points. 
Whenever your Enrolled Card is used to make a purchase directly with Uber when the Enrolled Card is selected as the payment method within the Uber App, you will earn one extra point for every dollar spent. These extra points are in addition to any points you would normally receive for purchases on your Card under the terms of your Card Member Agreement and the Membership Rewards program. Extra points will be credited to your Membership Rewards program account within 10-12 weeks after charges appear on your billing statement.

For the “UberT” service, you will only receive points for any fees charged by Uber within the Uber App for hailing a taxi and not for any charges paid directly to the taxi driver. When we calculate the extra points benefit for Amex EveryDay Card products, points awarded under the Program will not be included. Extra points may be reversed if a qualifying purchase is returned or cancelled. If American Express does not receive information that identifies your transaction as qualifying for the Program, you will not receive the extra points. For example, your transaction will not qualify if your Enrolled Card is not the selected payment method for Uber services within the Uber app. In addition, in most cases, you will not receive the bonus points if your transaction is made with an electronic wallet or through a third party.
5. Using Points for Uber Services.
If your Enrolled Card is authorized to use points as part of this Program AND you have selected your Enrolled Card as the payment method in the Uber App, you will be presented with the "Use Points" option within the Uber App for Uber services. This will be presented to you before you confirm your Uber service and is available in the Uber App prior to the conclusion of an Uber trip via "Trip Settings." Once you select the “Use Points” option, as long as you have enough points in your Membership Rewards account, you will be able to cover the cost of your Uber service in full. 100 Membership Rewards points are required for every $1 charged by Uber for Uber services. Points will be prorated for amounts between dollars (e.g., a $23.50 ride on Uber will require you to redeem 2,350 points). If you have selected an electronic wallet or third party service as the payment method in the Uber app, you will not be presented with the “Use Points” option, even if the card linked to the electronic wallet or third party service is an Enrolled Card.
When you choose the "Use Points" option, American Express will debit the number of points required to cover the total amount of the transaction from the Membership Rewards program account linked to the Enrolled Card. Although the charge for Uber services will appear on your Enrolled Card account, you will be issued a corresponding statement credit to the Enrolled Card account.
However, if you do not have enough points to cover the total amount of the transaction, American Express will not debit any points from your account. Instead, the total amount of the transaction will be charged to the Enrolled Card. If there is a processing error with your choice to use points, your Eligible Card will be charged and the corresponding credit will not be issued to the Enrolled Card account. In this event, if you would like to use points for your transaction please call the number on the back of your Card and we will be happy to assist you.
To view your available points balance, go to Point redemption rate may vary for future rides and where you redeem your points. Please allow up to 48 hours for corresponding credits to be reflected on your Enrolled Card Account. If a credit is processed after your Enrolled Card Account statement’s closing date, it will appear on your next statement. A record of whether points were earned and/or used will be included in both the Uber App and emailed receipt provided by Uber.
6. Notice Regarding Your Privacy Rights.
If you enroll in the program and are eligible to use points for Uber rides, American Express will share your points balance with Uber each time you open the app so that you can see your points balance before you choose the "Use Points" option. In addition, your updated point balance will be shared with Uber each time you open the Uber App or after certain periods of inactivity while the Uber App is open. If you no longer wish to have American Express share your Membership Rewards points balance with Uber, you can hide the "Use Points" option within the Uber app under the "Edit Payment" section by selecting "No". If you select “No,” then you will be unable to redeem points for Uber services using the Uber App. 
7. Notice Regarding the Insurance Coverage Provided by Enrolled Card.
The insurance coverage that comes with your American Express Card may not apply when you use your Enrolled Card for an Uber service. 
8. Card Member Agreements Apply; Changes to this Agreement.
Access to and use of this Program is subject to and governed by Card Members’ agreements with American Express, including Membership Rewards® Program Terms and Conditions, and these Terms and Conditions. For any inconsistency between these Terms and Conditions and the Membership Rewards Program Terms and Conditions, these Terms and Conditions apply. 
We may change or modify these Terms and Conditions for this Program with Uber by posting changes or modifications at, and will update the date indicated after "Last Modified." If you do not agree with the current or modified Terms and Conditions for this Program with Uber you must not participate in the Program.
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